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Bhai Khira Khiri Tora

Brother! ... From your milk, porridge, and sweets, I ask for a bit laying my hands
Wearing only a piece of cloth will I leave and go away, Oh! listen to me once
Bereft of house, bereft of relatives, brothers, no one in this world I have
Your's friendship only I know, for whom this life I have
Bones, skin, and the head only are left behind in my body, left are no fleshes
I had surrendered at your feet and gave my heart, but you ignored my feelings...

Sisu Veda

Only this much Please will you remember
When my life will be going away
In my heart Your form will ever stay
I will dance so much in joy.

And Hare Rama Krusna in name Rama Naama
From my mouth will never be lost
Whatever sorrow you gave I have accepted that
You stay in happiness and at best.

If you will be dancing I also swing in joy
Also trees and plants swing and enjoy
Your big temple’s Door is my fate
It will remain this life’s mate.

And whatever you will donate That I will accept
And will pass to your devotee
If I neglect my Karma I shall have untimely death
Morning will not come for me...

When some one dies

When the human life goes away, the soul is not quickly able to go and become together in Baikuntha. Why ? There are four places (levels or zones). Among four is also the level of spirits (pretapuri). In this level the spirit moves about. Immediately it cannot go and emerge somewhere. When that appropriate time comes it emerges in Brahma. Brahma has no caste or religion. It is also called Sthira-Brahma (indifferent and calm). It is necessary to have a boatman to be rescued from this world. Hare Krusna Hare Krusna Krusna Krusna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. There are three steps (in stair case). One, Two, Three ... when the time comes for the fourth step, the soul is detached from the physical body. It does not come back. Who are those four steps:

Sisu Veda

Making the four Vedas
He has filled the Veda names
And Sama Veda is the Bhajan of mine
And judges the name of the Vedas
Atharva Veda is the certificate of duty
In name and duty it stays
In this way are the function of Veda
Vedas make the knowledge of all
Ruk, Atharva Vedas taking
Sisu Veda stays in Shunya form in Shunya
And in the SisuVeda stay the Rishis
And in the SisuVeda stay the Rishis
And are meditating in the temple of Shunya
For social household people is the Sama Veda
They fix there mind on this Veda
And taking form of household people
Gods (Devataa) are born here
And Rishis also after mentioning took birth
Household life is the best way to find
And to know the mind of household man
Took birth as household men the God
And they make sport with household men
And they make company with them
And who has feelings with home
That is reflected there
And Ruk Veda is the principle of Karma
And he shows here direction to many Karmas
Atharva name has “A” as main
Within household problems it is the game
If you are not household man how will you know
And the body has come through principles of Veda
And mother father became Veda again
With Veda principles birth they gave
Tell how the Veda principles work
And where it keeps it mind
And to know the unheard sound
It is not simple in one birth
If you had a wish previously
And were desperate to realize
To tell and sing words does not really count
If it was before then only shall you know
If always you had asked for knowledge
Comes it to your name with the birth
Due to previous good deeds it comes to you
He kept this truth for worlds welfare
Hey!, Gandhaara (celestial) knowledge is not that simple
With his mercy only can you get it known
And if Guru does not tell you will be confused
And if he does not tell will you sing
And the name “Guru” has become the most important
And hold the Yantra as Gurus name
And where is that Guru residing
Can you tell where is that Guru
To tell and sing words does not really count
The body acts on the Veda principle
The Universe is only his creation
And in different ways he plays the game
In body every single part is joined by him
And birth takes from blood and semen
How he made all this game
Within blood played the semen
And petals grow in flowers
And thousand petals together he joined
He did everything from thinking
How can we tell all this
And put “Shunya” in “Shunya”
Black, brown, and white man are made
From the five elements he constructed
And six responsive organs then play
And twelve guards are watching that
And in twelve fingers space the flute plays
And what melody is made by that flute
In many names it calls you then...

... referring to his own life...

Sisu Veda

Hey! In feet of the flute-holder I kept my heart
And passed my life with mates in Gopapura then
It was fixed as the lotus feet of Guru
And time to time him I met
If lead player is not there, in play where is fun?
If lead player is not there, in play where is fun?
If he is there then it makes sense
He plays from inside the body hidden
You get company but not easily the game
And my 12 lives has already ended
And in the 13th it will be revealed
With human body it will be like God
And in God service the body will remain
Together with human the game will be played
And secretly he made the company and trained
Who are not own are kept unaware and away
With them he did not have feelings anyway
And whatever days are left so much are the feelings
After searching whoever are with are sufficient
Surrendering at his lotus feet plays the game
In evening and morning I do take his sacred name
My this life is only yours and is about to come to end
Don’t trap me anymore in illusion and give pain
I don’t need any worldly pleasures
Neither do I ask for elephant or horse
Do not wish to be called as a king
To be a landlord, nor am I keen
Only I wait for your active entry
You all will see his illusionary game
How that form will be played...

... the following words are on behalf of Achyuta referring to quotes of his time 500 years ago...

Sisu Veda

And for form of KALKI gathering will be made...
My Fig tree’s branches will touch the ground
And in form of KALKI I will play
And I will uproot and destroy my Bata (tree) then
The second Bata will stay alive and remain
The feelings of Das will remain with Das ever
The feeling-knower has taken the thought whatever
Lord will make the spring exist untimely
In the happenings I will be playing in hidden
In every life of mine, I came to family of household
And took all my births in this World
In this life I am a household child-like oldman
And kept hidden even from me my illusion
And as after receiving sun rays
the GangaSiuli (night-flowering Jasmine) plant dies
So the noise of Kali (yuga) will become strong
In addition the explosions are to be heard
From within the atoms will I be playing
And including Dwaapar bravehearts I will make the team
Oh my child when that time will come
You should be able to look at the register of calculation
All these I have written and kept
And with pen of thorn I wrote it then
And created the ink from the plant leaves
And after that the writing was made possible
And in Kali the pen will be by machines
And in black ink people shall be mostly writing
And my way of writing will not exist then
And with feelings thus narrated Shri Achyuta...
And with feelings thus narrated Shri Achyuta...

[extracted from a spontaneous Bhajan. A direct translation might result in slight loss of information]

pre-2000s, Bhajan Mandap, Garoi