Obituary : Baba's MahāSamādhi
Shri Buddhanath Das
|| Mannāthah Shri Jagannātah, Madguruh Shri Jagadguruh ||
|| Madātmā Sarva Bhutātmā, Tasmai Shri Gurave Namaha ||

Dear friends:

Time has come to share with you our sorrow. Baba Buddhanath Das has left his mortal body on 2nd-September-2006, at Cuttack. It took us time to get over the sudden jolts we all experienced. It was unannounced and sudden for us, though, it was no surprise for him.

Although the news came as a sudden shock, Baba was aware in advance as we surmise from the incidents following his passing of the mortal body. He had ordered a special chair to be seated on and buried in Garoi Ashram, which arrived a few hours after he left his body. His mortal coil was taken to Garoi and buried before the next sunrise, as per the instructions of Shri Achyuta through Tamrapothi. Many of his devotees followed his last wishes in minutest details. Few days before when Baba left for Cuttack from Garoi, he had made “Marks” at two spots at the backyard of Ashram. Shri Achyuta, through Tamrapothi, instructed to give Baba “Samadhi (bury)” at one of those marks; that was Baba’s wish and intention of “marking” the spots. Some months before, on several occasions, Baba started giving indication of his “demise”, often mentioning that his body is becoming old and he has to leave it, although he would continue to look after his devotees when called from heart. Two days before the day he departed from his mortal body, he started singing Bhajans and Songs, instructing what to do with his body and belongings when he leaves the body. On the particular day, in the afternoon, Baba went inside his room in Cuttack, after meeting and talking to all who were present. Having solitude, he sat in a meditative posture and left his body through the medium of Yoga; a few hours later, two of his devotees realized that it is a long while and went inside the room only to see his lifeless body in a meditative posture. He was taken to Garoi Ashram, being seated on the special chair that he had ordered in advance, and was given "Samadhi". The last rituals were performed as per the instructions of the Pothi.

Even if Baba has left, Pothi is working under his instructions getting advice from Mahapurusha Achyutananda, and is expected to work until the Karma (spiritual tasks) of Baba are completed. Baba still continues to advise devotees in need through the medium-of-mind (Swapnadesha- dream instructions), and provides instructions on performing the Yuga Karma. His physical body is no more there, but his “Spiritual existence” is beyond these limitations and he continues to fulfill his tasks of Yuga Karma. Recently, the much awaited Sialdah Yagna, as written in Achyuta’s Malika, was completed in Sialdah, West Bengal under the instructions of Baba/Pothi and the intentions of Yagna were fulfilled.

We all believe that Baba is present in ethereal form and showering his blessings on the devotees. But, human being human, we all miss him a lot, we miss those direct interactions and talks, we miss his direct “Darshan”, and he and his words will always live in our hearts.

In earnest devotion:

30-July-2007, Devotees of Baba Buddhanath Das