Garoi Ashram Contact details: Postal, E-Mail, and Telephone
Samadhi of Baba Buddhanath Das
Samadhi (tomb) Pitha of Baba
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Ee Dehara Haada

Where the Bone of this body remains buried, Shall it be communicating from within there
While giving information for the welfare of the society, and will be removing sorrows of the faithful ones ...

The physical location and contact of Garoi Ashram is given below (please ask for Sri Aditya Narayan Das).

Shri Gobardhana Pitha Garoi Ashram
Post-Korua, Via- Naungaon
Dist.- Jagatsinghpur, Orissa, India
Ph:(06724)212715    Cell:(0)7077771717
E-Mail:     alternative:

Below is provided a telephone number which is of one of the 5 disciples of Baba. A direct talk with The Saint is not possible anymore. But you are welcome to visit the Ashram and Temple. If you are more interested and have queries, but stay far, or need some advice regarding availability of Pothi at Pt A. Mishra's place (in Kakatpur), or any administrative matters, you may contact via Letter/E-mail/Telephone.

Mr. Ganeswar Rath (Senior Advocate)
Baimundi marg, Dagarpada
Cuttack-753002, Odisha, India
Phone no.: 0091-671-2361144
E-mail: (as is provided above)

PS: As this is a private residence and no commercial organization and there are other liabilities, please do not expect to definitely have a talk at the first attempt. Genuine interests are welcome. For Letter/E-mail, please spare us a few days to get an answer.

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Note: We do not accept any type of financial contribution via any media for any purpose or service, e.g., posting cd-rom etc. So please do not try that via email/webpage etc. It is a completely non-profit organization and we do not accept, honor, or keep interest in financial contributions from outside sources. There is also no distant facility for Oracle services; any such personal request may be dealt on an individual basis, however. Devotees who strongly wish to contribute for temple welfare must contact, directly and personally, the Ashram.

Motivation and purpose of this work: The purpose of this web-page is to provide information and awareness on Shri Achyuta and Panchasakha, Baba Shri Buddhanath Das, Pothi (oracles) of Shri Achyuta, Sri Arakshita Das (seer of Olasuni), various places related to Sri Achyuta and to provide an overview of Achyuta's work, Garoi Ashram, and Baba Buddhanath Das's work & words to spiritually inclined souls, devotees, and those human who seek Achyuta's advice in oracular method, who are far away or otherwise do not have access to such information. Shri Achyuta has told, the glory of Sanatana Dharma (the religion of truth & eternity) will be re-established and his place will be known far and wide, so that the eternal devotees and truthful souls will unite and become aware of him. We only intend to document and attempt to make his and Baba's words reach his devotees, within our capabilities. Any inadvertent mistake, omission or wrong statement should not be construed as a deliberate one and bringing into attention of any such incident will be appreciated.