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Shunya Bhajana Pitha of Shri Achyutananda Das, Puri

Shunya Bhajana Pitha

Shri Achyuta at Shunya Bhajana Pitha, Puri

Shunya Bhajana Pitha

Bata (Banyan) tree at Shunya Bhajana Pitha, Puri

Shunya Bhajana Pitha

Mahapursuha Achyutananda Das, Nemala, Odisha, India

PadmaVana Nemala

Entrance to Udaya Bata, Paradweep, Odisha


Temple at Udaya Bata, Paradweep


Murthi of Shri Achyutananda Das, Udayabata, Paradweep


Mahapurusha Rajiba Lochan Das, Udayabata


Khandagiri Hills, Bhubaneswar


A Mutt (matha) of Shri Arakhita Das at the foothills, Khandagiri


Temple at Udayagiri, Bhubaneswar


Tamrapothi Ashram, Kakatpur, Odisha

Kakatpur Pothi Ashram

A small temple in Pothi Ashram, Kakatpur

Kakatpur Pothi Ashram

Pt Amreswar Mishra initiating Tamrapothi, Kakatpur

Kakatpur Pothi Ashram

Kuna Mishra (son of Pt A. Mishra), Kakatpur

Kakatpur Pothi Ashram

LaakhaBindhaa Pindi (of a local legend), Jajpur, Odisha

Jajpur Biraja, Achyuta Malika

Goddess Biraja (Durga), Jajpur, Odisha

Jajpur Biraja, Achyuta Malika

Shri Arakhita Das's Pitha, Olasuni, Odisha

Avdhoot MahaYogi Shri Arakhita Das, Olasuni

Temple of Goddess Olasuni at the foothills, Olasuni

Olasuni Devi, Olasuni

Olasuni Devi (Chandi), Olasuni, Odisha

Olasuni Devi (Chandi), Olasuni
Places related to Shri Achyuta:
  1. Shunya Bhajana Pitha, Puri

  2. PadmaVana Pitha, Nemāla

  3. Mahapurusha Achyutananda Yogashram (Pothi Ashram), Kākatapur

  4. Avdhoot Ashram of Sri Artatrana Das (currently Sri Aditya Das), Konark

  5. Tattva Bata, Jobra Ghat, Cuttack

  6. Udaya Bata & Ratna Bata, Paradweep

  7. Olasuni Gumphā (cave) of Siddha Sadhak Shri Arakhita Das, Olasuni

  8. Chhatiā Bata of Mahapurusha Hadi Das, Chatia, Jajpur

  9. KhandaGiri and UdayaGiri caves, Bhubaneswar

  10. Gadaa Khsetra of Devi Biraja (Durga), Jajpur

Sri Achyuta, in his spiritual form is all pervasive and omnipresent. While he was in his physical form, his work and Sadhana was related to many different places of which only the most popular ones are known. Most of these places are marked by a sacred Banyan Tree (Bata) and has a specific name. After nearly 600 years, Sri Achyuta still performs his planned work, instructing via the copper oracle, in and around these places. To name a few, they are: Puri (Shunya Bhajana Pitha), Nemala (his original place of Sadhana and Samadhi), Kakatpur (Copper oracle and Prachi river), Konark (Baba Artatrana Das's Abdhut Ashram from where Pothi was obtained), Cuttack Jobra (Tattva bata and Sadhana pitha), Paradip (Udaya bata and Ratna bata), Olasuni Caves (Gumpha) of Sri Arakhita Das, Devi Biraja Khsetra at Jajpur, Chatia Bata of Mahapurusha Hadi Das in Jajpur, and Khanadagiri and Udayagiri caves in Bhubaneswar.

Please note: This list is obvioulsy incomplete (there are other Pithas related to PanchaSakha and Sadhana Khsetras), We will incrementally capture and present facts about the related places, one step at a time.

Some of the places are directly related to Shri Achyuta, whereas some others are related to spiritual companions of Shri Achyuta and are known after the name of the presiding Seer.

Here, we will document some of the facts that we collected verbally from locals or reading scriptures about these places. We attempted to cover these places by road trips, as much as is possible, and took pictures of the places and made videos of the road trips with some explanatory documentations. It is our hope that these 'Explanatory Articles' and 'Documentaries' will be helpful to 'Admirers of heritage stories' and 'Uncommon travellers'. This is a somewhat big project for us, so please bear as we make an effort to make this page. The motivation is to document facts related to PanchSakha culture and lives as much as is possible.

We will also appreciate any feedback or relevant contributions towards these documentaries.
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