Baba's 13 births
Shri Buddhanath Das
|| Gyāna Shakti Samārudhah, Tattva Māla Vibhushitah ||
|| Bhukti Mukti Pradātā Cha, Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah ||

Jai Jagannath Patitapaavana, ehi naama diee sikhyaa ...
Jai Jagannath Patitapaavana, ehi naama diee sikhyaa ...
Sanja Sakaalara Dui Pada dui ghosai karibu vikhyaa
Gau thilee naama ghunchhi jaee Yama, ehi mo paain sikhyaa
Chatisa Paataka Vaarana nathaai, aah Guru deichanti dikhyaa
Baara jaati tera jaatire sarila, ehi maatra mora sikhyaa ...

Jai Jagannath Patitapaavana, this name gives the knowledge
Jai Jagannath Patitapaavana, this name gives the knowledge
Evening, morning twice the time, take this name and surrender
While taking the name, Yama moves away, this is the knowledge for me
Without restriction in all castes and places, Guru has given the Dikhsha
My 12 lives end now in the 13th, this is the only education that I have ...

(part of a spontaneous song, sung by Baba)

Baba Shri Buddhanath Das lived his thirteenth birth, in the recent past, as a servant and devotee of Shri Achyuta. In his previous birth (12th birth), about 500 years ago, his name was Ram Das, who was the chief disciple of PanchaSakhaa and SadaGoswami. During that age, Shri Arakhsita Das had described all the births of Ram Das in his work - Bhaaba Manjusaa (a chapter called 'Tere Janma Sharana' is given below- oriya script, audio clip, and selective english transcript). He further had written about the then future 13th birth of Ram Das, who presently is known as Sri Buddhanath Das. Similar hints and identifications were also given by Shri Achyutananda in his works - Trikaala Pothi, Jaiphula Malika, and Mukhabandha (preface) of Pushpaka. These contemporaneous seers had given the birth place, name of parents, and identification of Baba and Garoi Khsetra about 500 years before. The presence of Sweta Bata and Subhadra Daaru was also identified by these seers in their works all of which are proven to be a reality now. The 13 lives of Baba are also confirmed by Shri Achyuta via his Taamrapothi (copper oracle). A few names were missing while recording Pundit Mishra's narration that has been recovered by seeking Sri Achyuta's copper oracle that also helped us towards cross-checking for consistency check. The question was put by some of the followers and is a private information. Baba hardly disclosed publicly what he is or who he was. Only to a few, he at times told a few of his lives or shown some manifestation of changed forms, or instructed through his favorite medium of dream. This section is only for non-disclaimers and is based on trust, and modesty. No argument, or cross-question will be entertained. We strictly discourage any further arguments here. If for any reason one wishes to confirm, one can go through old literature or take instructions from Taamrapothi. However, sincere interests with modesty are never unwelcomed.

Source: Bhaava Manjusha, written by Sri Arakhita Das (patron saint of Olasuni Caves) ~500 years ago, describing the 13 births of Ram Das
Additional source: Re-confirmation and recovering two missing names: TaamraPothi (Copper Oracle) of Shri Achyuta
Voice: Orated by Pundit Amareswar Mishra. (Filesize: 3Mb 199Kb, Time: 1hr 1min 41secs, File: wma)
PDF: Oriya script (~ 2 Mb, 11 pages)
The names in the thirteen births, and the corresponding Yugas, Mandalas and/or Places are:
Name Yuga Mandala Place
  1. Rishi Swetaseni - Moola Janma
  2. Bhaabagraahi
  3. Madhukanda
  4. Adikanda
  5. Nala
  6. Sadaananda
  7. ShriDhara
  8. Kalaa
  9. ShriDhara
  10. Bula
  11. Kaalendi
  12. Sri Ram Das (this text)
    [conversation in Bhāva Manjushā between Arakhsita Das and Ram Das]
  13. Sri Buddhanatha Das (present birth)
  • Satya: 1st birth
  • Tretaya: 1st birth
  • Tretaya: 2nd
  • Tretaya: 3rd
  • Tretaya: 4th
  • Dwāpar: 1st birth
  • Dwāpar: 2nd
  • Dwāpar: 2nd
  • Kali: 1st birth
  • Kali: 2nd
  • Kali: 3rd
  • Kali: 4th

  • Kali: 5th
  • Dwarikā Mandala
  • Bhadra
  • Bihā
  • x
  • Karali
  • Badri
  • Gyāna
  • Chandri
  • Padma
  • x
  • x
  • Meru

  • x
  • Banks of Sindh River
  • Delhi
  • Kāshi
  • Avanti Nagar
  • x
  • Gopa Pura
  • x
  • x
  • Sri Khsetra, Puri
  • Nua Pātanā
  • Paradweep
  • Chakra Khsetra

  • TelaSarā

The english translation below is only for selective parts (complete text is in Oriya). This is described as a conversation between Arakhsita Das and Ram Das:
Birth 1
Name: Rishi Swetaseni
Place: Banks of Sindhu River
First and last birth in Satya Yuga
(we missed the name in recording narration, which fortunately we are able to retrive later from TaamraPothi)
Your feelings and attention was on the supreme feet and in your heart he was dwelling. You were passing time in Dhyaanayoga and carried feelings of being his servant (Daasa). Satya Yuga disappeared with time and Tretaya came in.

Birth 2
Name: Bhaabagraahi
First birth in Tretaya Yuga
Feelings were fixed on him and his awareness was there. The birth was in the beginning of Tretaya. Your name was Bhaabagraahi and baanijya (business) was occupation. Father's name was Baalakrusna and mother's name was Gyaanabati. Passed the life as a houshold man and you realized Brahmarupa (form of God) with Bhaava (devoted pure feelings). The first part of Tretaya thus came to end.

Birth 3
Name: Madhukanda
Second birth in Tretaya Yuga
This second birth in Tretaya was in Gopaalakula (milkman's family); you came with Sradhaa (faith and feelings). Always were you drowned with feelings and yourself were a living form of feelings. In beginning you did not seek Guru nor God nor had a Tilak (sandalwood mark on forhead) and were off-track due to wealth and luxury- in this way you lost your youth. The Bhabamahi (supreme- may be Guru) warned and made you conscious of your previous virtues. Then you left the worldly form and took the form of a devotee. Finally you saw the fearless lotus feet and got Brahmagyaana due to Yoga. Your name was Madhukanda and father's name was Jagaananda.

Birth 4
Name: Adikanda
Place: Avanti
Third birth in Tretaya Yuga
You were born in fisherman's family and the name of the place was Avanti. Your form was that of fisherman and you did fishery and lost the previous Shree (greatness). At age of 30 the moon (symbolic for knowledge) rose again. You saw the fish form of Hari (Meenarupa) in water and lost your negative attitudes. Performed Tripura Sundari Mahavidya Sadhana and Tripura Maala (rosary) became your neck's necklace. Your heart was filled with proper devotion and Mother blessed you in the banks of Ganga in Yoga form. In this way your days passed and you breathed your last in Brundaavana.

Birth 5
Name: Nala
Fourth birth in Tretaya Yuga
In seventh birth (of Achyuta?) company was with seven friends (PanchaSakhha, Arakhita Das and others) and you also were there. You were carrying the name Nala. Towards the end of Tretaya, you saw the Bhaabagraahi form of Shri Rāma. With feelings you achieved the supreme realization. Yogaasana, Yogadhyaana, and feelings of Yogi was there and you achieved the unachievable (Abidyaa saadhilu tuhi) with your NalaDanda. You became similar to Trikaalagyani (one who knows past, present, and future) due to virtues of Tretaya Tripuravidya. Future and past yoga, Upayoga (derivative of yoga), Bhabayoga (world yoga), Taarana vidya (to save), Tarana vidya (to stop something), Dasadhaa vidya (10 vidyas) everything was achieved by you. You were carrying the name Nala and were born at the feet of fearless assurance.

Birth 6
Name: Sadaananda, Madhu (addressed by Krusna)
Firsth birth in Dwaapara Yuga
Father's name was Daitari and mother's name was Pikaaranti (?). Our eighth was in Gopapura. You were born in the Gopaala Kula and enjoying the sport with sixteen thousand gopaala children. Your parents had given you the name Sadaananda, Gopaalas were calling you as Kakutua (making friendly fun), Shri Krusna used to call you as Madhu, Madhu out of feelings. Living in this world with worldly pleasure, you always had in your hearth great feelings and devotion for Krusna. His form was stable inside your hearth. First part of Dwaapara was complete, Gopaalas were sad as Krusna went to Mathuraa.

Birth 7
Name: ShriDhara
Second birth in Dwaapara Yuga

Bhabana Bhenita Dekhuthile Bhakta Eka Krusna Rupa Taara
Murali Tejile Chakri Rupa Hele, Chakraakaara Kalebara

The devotees all around were looking at one form whose name was Krusna
He left his flute, raised the disc (Sudarshana), and took Chakri-Rupa thenafter.

When Krusna took the Chakradhaari form, you took second birth in Dwaapara. Your name was ShriDhara and occupation was Dutachaara (messenger). Your father's name was Krupaajala and mother's name was Maadhavi. That time, Sudama was also around in his ninth birth as Shri Krusna's friend- He was none other than an expansion of Sri Krusna only and was perfect in Nabadhā Bhakti.

Birth 8
Name: Kalaa
Third birth in Dwaapara Yuga
You took birth in Mlettcha Bhoi kula (lower caste who do cleaning) in the Ajaamara clan with blemished body. You were leading mean life doing mean Karma. The day when you saw his form your Yoga was revived. As a household man you passed your life as his (Krusna's) wretched servant and found the feelings back for him. Thus passed this life.

Birth 9
Name: ShriDhara
Place: nearby Shri Khsetra (Puri of Lord Jagannath)
First birth in Kali Yuga
After Dwaapara ended and KaliYuga entered, in KaliYuga your first birth was in Shri Khsetra (Puri and sorrounding). You had the Yoga with you and whatever you had wished from the feet of fearless assurance (Krusna) in Gopapura, he himself bestowed everything on you. Yogasana, Dhyaana, everthing was there and you were a Brahmachaari holding all the previous virtues. Your birth was in Supakaara clan (servants of Jagannath who prepare Kaibalya Maha Prasaad). Your name was ShriDhara and Lord Jagannath was tasting your hand-made food (Mahaprasaad). Your mother's name was Ambikaa and father's name was Shashi and you were born in the eight day of the eighty month. The name of village was Siripur belonging to the PadmaNaabhiMandala (sorrounding of Shri Khestra Puri).

Birth 10
Name: Bula
Place: Biraja Khsetra (Jajpur of Goddess Durga)
Second birth in Kali Yuga
You took birth in Birajaa Khestra (place of Birajaa Goddess). Mother Birajaa was your mother (divine) and had bestowed blessings and feelings in you. The birth clan was Oda and you took birth in village Odakandaa. You became fully a household man and after the youth passed devotion developed highly and you became a staunch devotee of Hari. Thus your life ended admist devotion for Hari and you got Mukti from the tenth birth.

Birth 11
Name: Kaalendi
Place: Balanti Nagar
Eleventh birth took place, east coast is the identifcation, BalantiNagar is name of the place within the kingdom of the brave SandhaRaja (king with name Sandha). Karmayoga occured without Yoga and your blood was of SandhaRaaja. The king (saviour) behaved like no-saviour and you were born as a Jaaraja (mixed race of higher and lower blood) as a Charmakaar (shoemaker- who works with leather). Mother passed away untimely and you passed your days in Nemaala like Ulluka Patanga (flying insect attracted to fire). Like a household man your days passed away chanting Krusna's name and fixed your concentration on his lotus feet. The Yoga, virtues, and Guru-Shishya feelings were always there and you got the direction and identification at Nemaala. Your desires were destroyed with time and eleventh life thus passed away.

Birth 12
Name: Ram Das (conversation in BhaabaManjusawas between Sri Arakhsita Das and Sri Ram Das duirng this time)
Shri Ram Das (conversation in BhaabaManjusawas between Arakhsita Das and RamDas duirng this time)
You are the Shishya with uncomparable devotional feelings and I am your wretched Guru. You always took birth along with the PanchaDhaata (the five masters- PanchaSakhaa) in all you previous 11 births. You took birth in Meru Mandala bringing PanchaGuru (five Gurus) together and unifying the Panchadhaa Bhakti- you only are the pride of devotees. Always with your feelings (bhaava) you pleased Hari and devotees are crazy for you. All sins, sufferings, difficulties will be removed once one fixes his heart on the lotus feet of Krusna. To be saved from this worldy sufferings Krusna Naama is the best means. Surrendering to his feet I bow to Shunya, I, wretched Arakhita Das, know nothing more.

Birth 13
Name: Shri Buddhanatha Das (the present birth)
Place: Telasara
The time to fulfill duties has come and with his mercy you will be born in OdaRaastra (Orissa). Due to previous virtues you will be born in this undisclosed place with devotion like SriDhara of SriKhsetra. Your KarmaKhsetra (work place) will be at the confluence of the rivers Devi and Gobari and you will be born in nearby village- Telasaraa. You will lead life like an uneducated man but having the supreme knowledge. KarmaYoga will be dominant with access to the supreme knowledge. Your father will be NaraHari and mother will be Sundari. Your birth will be in Godambaa clan and your virtues will be dormant till 18 and your form will be meager and wretched. After 20 years will pass away, in 21st year you will find the Yogasutra due to previous virtues. The place will be secret and Subhadra Daaru will be there. Also there will be KalpaBata there. People will be calling the place Gobardhana Pitha. A BataBrikhshya will grow there which is Shunya Bata and will be called as Sweta Bata. On behalf of your Gurus you will perform the YugaKarma.

Baba Shri Buddhanath Das left his mortal body on 2-Sep-2006.