His words: "words of wisdom from the Saint"

Dhyāna-mulam Gurur-Murtih, Pujā-mulam Gurur-Padam
Mantra-mulam Gurur-Vākyam, Mokhsya-mulam Gurur-Krupā

The basis of meditation is the Guru's form, the place of offering worship are His Feet,
the source of Mantra are His Words, and the key to salvation is His Grace.

Individual Excerpts

Speech is silver and silence is gold, but not always. The words spoken by a Siddha are golden-words, or even more worthy. Why are the words, especially of the Siddhas and Gurus important ?

Because: Like a filled-up-pot (poornakumbha), it is out of an overwhelming abundance in the soul and the heart based on a tremendous spiritual force, that the tongue speaks out a few words. The words of the Siddha cannot be separated from the Siddha himself. He himself is hidden in His words. The words are some outward expressions of his fathomless spirit. How then the two can be separated ?

True devotion to the Master means following what he commands, and not repeating what he does. The reason behind is: A Siddha is beyond the judgment capabilities of a simple man. He is above the conflicts of sin and saintliness, riches and poverty, comforts and discomforts, pleasure and pain, & fame and defame. He remains in a ever-serene state with equipoise (stithapragyan). Hence, do not judge a saint only from the outward behavior and just do what he does, rather follow what he commands/advises to do. The more one gives weight to the Master's words, the more one grows in grace. Baba himself says about his Guru' words: "Hold Achyutananda's words in your heart in a way that its not forgotten from your mind". This shows the importance that Baba gives to the words of his Guru. At times, the words are a medium to transfer a part of the spiritual force, that is needed for the seeker despite his unawareness. This energy is transferred by Siddhas by means of Mantras, Touch, Gesture and Movement of hand/fingers, by a mere Glance, or by Words. The following is an example from Baba's own words: "Mahapurusha has told one thing: Dāsa (refers to Baba as one who serves the Mahapursha), if someone asks for wealth-and-gems (dhana-ratna) - give, I do not hide my material objects. It means : who had told that, he now wants - the time has come, pass something on. Be it through Mantras or be it through words."

He knows the 'why' and 'what for' of his instructions. What he wishes has to happen, for five elements respect his call. Follow his words; if you still are unable to remove doubts and skepticism, request him to disclose that. If not harmful, he will do that. Later on, with full-trust, the thought of the Master will ever be a companion, no matter what we may be doing or where we are. The Word of the Master ever abides with the followers. No one can snatch it. Baba has told (about residing of Mahapurusha in Mahapurusha's words, i.e. Kalki Mahāmantra): "in the mean time, Mahapurusha has written the Kalki Mahāmantra in the form of a letter, at Kakatpur. May all of you recite this mantra with a bit of soul. If for about a year this Nāma is recited everyday, if everyday it is repeated, then He is away or near - it will be realized."

Here we put forth a number of excerpts from his words, spoken during various occasions at different times. A typed-in or printed literature is in no-way a substitute (only a representative) to his genuine wit and extraordinary wisdom. There might also be a slight change-of-meaning while interpreting to a different language. Baba is completely spontaneous and gives out his wisdom instantaneously in the form of songs, sayings, and well-composed simple rhymes. He has a natural aptitude for using words and ideas in a quick and inventive way to give a precise answer, but yet in a symbolical manner. Sometimes, he also uses gestures in a way similar to that his Gurus used, i.e. Gāra and Thāra (Lines and Gestures). At times, he would pretend like an uneducated, poor, and weak man, seeking reassurance and making fun and small jokes. Suddenly, he would become serious with spiritual truths, spontaneous advices for seekers, and stern instructions to the devotees. Its hard to make any speculations which way a day would go. With him, every day is a new day, every moment is a new moment, every visit is a memorable one, each time bouncing with spiritual strength and power like a filled-up-pot (Poornakumbha).

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