Shri Guru Sadchhidaananda Achyuta

Articles based on excerpts from Baba's words:

Shri Guru Sadcchidananda Achyuta

Shri Guru Sadcchidananda

Shri Guru Sadcchidananda, Hari is in all the forms,
Has created the human, animals, and the world we live on,
His form is unknown to all,
Even Brahma, and Shiva could not get a clue of his form.

In Satyayuga, you emerged from the pillar,
In the form of Narasimha eliminated the Hiranya-demon,
Your incarnation was for a devotee,
Destroying the demons, you were the World's saviour.

You give an end to Yogi, Rishi, Munis`meditation
Yourself you performed austerities with your Name above all,
There was no food as intake,
Water and air was only consumption, moving in Shunya.

In Tretaya, you took Raama incarnation,
Accepted Sugriba as friend and Baali was slain,
You saved taking birth in Raghuvansa,
With monkey troop, you built the bridge of your own.

The demon Raavana was a devotee of yours,
The thief kidnapped Sita in disguise,
And the Terrible war broke,
Killing Raavana you rescued Sita then after.

In the south coast, the main game was played,
Giving all the prosperities to Vibhisan,
You took birth towards the north,
In Mathura prison to Devaki's womb.

For many lives had Koushalya the wish,
To have again you in the womb as offspring,
Hence was the game of birth in prison,
Opening the prison in Shunya, out you escaped.

Holding on head, headed Vasudhar,
On the way, river Yamuna forgot her banks,
You reached Gopa-pura,
On Yashoda's lap, came the God.

In illusion, Kansa was smashing Ambika on stone,
Laughing and mocking came a voice from Shunya,
Your enemy is growing in Gopa-pura,
On the eight year, he will be your death's cause.

In Gopa-pura you were Devaki's neck-lace,
Intruding in different houses, you stole milk and butter,
He was the favorite of the whole of Gopa,
He will destroy the eight bodybuilders of yours.

By sucking milk will he take Putana's breath,
From that day you will be tensed you Kansa demon,
The devotee Akrura will know,
He, the god in Gopa, is not a normal human.

Taking birth you didnot take water-milk,
From poisoned Mathura, you removed the poison,
He is the flute-bearer,
Without arms and ammunition, you slained the culprits.

In Mayapura, you had Maya-form and with name as Mayadhar,
After completing your game towards North,
You took place in Sacchi's womb,
With love you made Naama above all in Nadiya.

In home to home, place to place, intensively,
you preached your own name in disguise,
Holding drums and beats,
You will save the devotees in Kali yuga.

In southern sea shore on Nilagiri,
As Vanshidhara took the name Nilasundara,
Names are of various forms,
In form of Nilamadhava, prayed the tribal-men.

In Lalita's hand, your Seva and Worship was made,
For some days shall you receive fruits and roots offer,
The forest was Nilasundara,
Lalita has offered so many garlands of flower.

As the time came, you took wooden Avatar,
You kept your body hidden in the wooden body-form,
Jagannath is your name,
Taking this name, kali-devotees will be rescued then.

The same woman of fame,
Became the aunt-mother as per your game,
Kali-sport of yours is secret,
Secret-game of Mayadhara, name remains unknown.

The name is Jagannatha, but Mantra is from Dwaapar,
In Gopala-mantra, you received all food offer,
The name is Aananda-bazaar,
Giving 56-offerings, the smell became above all.

Tulasi leaves are "Chalu" and Kaibalya is Mantra,
In Kali-yuga the form of Kalki remains hidden,
Secret game will be the chief of all,
As per previous wishes will our game be over.

In the name of Ganga-devi will Ganga frequently appear,
In dream, will she narrate the whole game,
Your Karma will reach completion,
My form and your form will be hidden together.

In Satya-yuga, my name will be Badrinaath,
In Tretaya, your Raama naama was chief of all,
All the sports will be again played,
In Dwapara, by Gopinath of JalaBadrika.

In Kaliyuga, five names are your name,
After completeion of sport, I headed to blue mountain,
My name is Jagannath,
Your and my body will mix together.

My banks of river Devi will be near shore of sea,
The sea-shore friend whose name is Buddhanath,
Shall take five different forms,
In illusionary Kalki form my sport will be played.

Only of Kaliyuga I have father mother none,
Eighteen mothers will be there of your own,
She is my mother then,
Your name will be that time made unknown.

Achyuta will be Raama, and our Raama will be Achyuta,
Arakhsita and Acyhuta will be together one,
Our Raama who will be the Achyuta,
Had asked to perform the Kali sport as a boon.

In your own form and words, you had given the boon,
Your and my body will become like one,
The place was fixed long time before,
In banks of river Devi shall you take the human form.

In that time will the four Banyan tress be witness,
Four-formed name will be my idol form,
You will remain as my servant,
And as a servant shall you be serving my devotee.

Thirteenth birth will take place of mine and yours,
My twelth will merge in your thirteenth then,
The form and form of ours will remain,
No one will realize it is God or a human.

Food, sleep, and sensual pleasures shall I drive then away,
In many disease and pain shall I feel your body,
Your Maya is unlimited,
I shall be entering in your body and create the play.

Secret game and sport will be there in Khandagiri (broken hill),
By Kalaki form, the Kali will be slain,
That is my form,
In near far lands, people will be seeing you then.
In your form shall mine be entering often,
What else is known, between you and me, they remain,
Stones will float on the water,
In that time Tretaya and Kali will have union.
From "Sa" is Satya yuga, by "Ta" is Tretaya,
Out of "Ga" is Gopa, and illusion is "Nadiya",
"Ka" forms Kalki's body,
Fusing Satya and Kali together, will be my Kali play.

Secret, secret top-secret, watchful you remain,
Achyuta Achyuta name will be spread then,
I shall slain the demons again,
Achyuta will take form and play the Kalki's game.

In that time I shall ride the white and black horse,
Slaying demons shall I rescue the devoted men women,
White and black colored is my vehicle,
In bird-vehicle shall I move about then.

Riding the flying vehicle I shall do the slaying,
My army shall I revoke again,
Atom weapon is the last game,
Miscreants and devils will be definitely slain.

In that time, there will destruction at places,
To identify the devotees, Satya is always there,
Glory and victory to the truth,
Tells servant Buddhanath, there will be immense game.

[extracted from a spontaneous Bhajan. A direct translation might result in slight loss of information]