Dream episode

Articles based on excerpts from Baba's words:

Dream Episode

Dream Episode

On some day in dream called Lord Achyuta
"Buddhia", listen to some secret fact...

As you took birth from blood and bodily fluids
So you became prone to suffering and illness

Your body became heavy by curing diseases of disciples
Hence some parts are getting paralyzed of yours

So my disciple, now you must work on some plans
Then can you leave your body having pleasure of free will

On one day, in observance of silence
Your disciples shall be examined in my presence

After proper examination, desired things will be achieved
Bodies will again rejuvenate as if new

Towards the end of the year 2007
The game, in India, will definitely be played

Along with you, there will be 12 knights
At the lotus feet of God, it will be proved

In the whole world, plays the energy of Goddess
After consuming Bindu (dot .), it will be cooled

As the unrighteousness reached the ultimate limits
Hence, without pause, examination is made rigorous

"Raaju" in state has powers similar to "Arjuna"
"Titu Mohanty" is similar to "Nakula"

"Baanaambar" will be similar to "Yudhisthira"
In old age, will live having minimum

"Kaanhu" will be staying like "Karna"
"Gania" will be like the "Bhima"

"Sahadeva" knew the "Shaastras"
"Benu" secretly listens to those

Adding 5 to 7, together there will be 12
Will surrender that time everything at the feet of Krusna

They took birth with mercy of Lord Jagannath
Secretly the Kali-duty will be performed

No one is mean or wretched
Each is greater and noble than the other

They will not recognize each other
And will be thinking of other as an ordinary person

From "Satya yuga" till "Kali yuga"
A bunch always take birth as his men

They will follow the commands of Achyuta
In Kali yuga, they will take the path opposite of the mainstream

Raama will the the commander of them
Will only reveal himslef towards the end

Call them soon and bring together
Peace and happiness will fill the heart

Like human, he (Ram) shows them affection
And console their mind with sweet words

No one can recognize these things
I (Achyuta) will be moving around the world

All of them will be calling "Achyuta", "Achyuta"
And with "Achyuta" feelings will be fixed

These words, you must hold and analyse in your heart
Rest remain secret between you and me.

[extracted from a spontaneous Bhajan. A direct translation might result in slight loss of information]