Oh Ignorant Mind! Pay attention and concentrate on Guru's Feet

Articles based on excerpts from Baba's words:

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Ignorant Mind part 1

Ignorant mind! concentrate of Guru's feet, Oh Ignorant mind
Concentrate on Guru's feet
If attention is dispersed, everything will be lost
None is for others
Ignorant mind! Pay proper attention ...

Veda, Ramayana, Geeta, and Puraana
Are scripts only from his hands
And in his Mantra, and with devotionally invoking him
Make your thread of concentration strong

Aah, whatever you are observing, with the thought of “mine”
All these are not really yours
And they will choose the best cloth when you go to cremation
And will make pseudo-security of yours

And, how many of the great “Rishis”, got in him immersed
He only is the “Parameswar”
And obeying his instructions you must live
This is Guru’s order and you must take care

And don’t loose your life by bathing in the sea water
Rather make stable the water of his form
And one day the village pond will dry up
Your throat will become dry then

And like the vast ocean, make your feelings of love for him
He only will be the friend of yours
And from salted to sweet, and from sweet to salted
He only makes the turns

And the feelings are not clean, dirt has polluted it
We are supposed to make his messengers
And the foul-grain is only made by him
Big and small game is only his creation

And by becoming friend to all and doing “SatSanga”
The living beings can get relief
Oh ignorant mind! The living beings can get relief
And from below the “Peepal”, calls the “Naughty”

Hand over to me all sorrows of your
And by doing devotion can you get liberation
Devotees are the pearls of my necklace
Ignorant mind! Pay proper attention...

And remember God is in the lives inside the beings
And this human is a potential God
Oh ignorant mind! Pay proper attention ...

Ignorant Mind part 2

Always give water to the plants. Always give water to cattle and other animals. Always to the guests give some water. Always serve your parents. Also, serve the father-in-law and mother-in-law, after getting married. If without “Serving” you go to some Deity, we think we got his “Darshan” and our coconut was offered, but the Deity, after seeing you, takes the other route and goes away. Why? Because there was shortage in “Serving”. The “Service” begins at home. As you did not do the “Service” at home, by serving Deity you want to get results- this is not possible. “Service” is the greatest duty in the whole Universe, else why he made “Bhaagabata”:

Ignorant Mind part 3

And with the virtues of “having served” and devotion,
There is nothing impossible on this earth,
If you are bereft of the virtues of “having served”
God is never yours
This is how serving and receiving is related
We can get God by serving
This “serving” at the end is only for “receiving”
Do this “service” with whole heart
With the virtues of serving goes on the creation
And there is nothing on the other side
And whoever achieved these virtues of having served
Is able to cut down and remove all the ill-lucks
And the mankind will be your friend
And, on his lotus feet put your heart, put your heart
And on his lotus feet put your heart ...

And therefore, make the “Naama” stable
With the virtue of “Naama” you will be saved
In “Naama”, the Spring blows
And sustains and solaces the beings
Veda, Puranas, Geeta and theologies
And also Ramayana and Mahabharata
Many works he left composed
Always “Serve” he told
My “Service” is for you
My “Service” is for you
Hey, do this with heart and soul
And for Guru, Brahman, and Vaishnava
Always keep your “Service” very strong.

Never earn enmity with them
While “The Blessings” remain with them
While “The Blessings” remain with them
And if a true “Brahmin” puts a curse
The “The God-Father” cannot save you

And if “Vaishnava” puts a curse
Even “Father of Brahma” will not be able to save
Such is the rule of God
Hence daily follow the “Puraanas and Dharma”
Because of the “Dharma”, the “Dharitri” withstands
And Sun and Moon also follow their paths
Exercise the “Dharma” in your life
And for “Satsanga” always be attentive...

Ignorant Mind part 4

Towards the end of this yuga
He became “Chaitanya” in Bengal's “Nadia”
As if crazy and in frenzy he was beating the drum
And he himself was singing his Name

And in those Lotus-feet let your mind be fixed
And throw “Abhimaan” out of your mind
Though you came for a short time only
You became drowned with crookedness and complexity
So you never could get to meet him
And due to the “I-ness” you ruined yourself
This “I” is the real enemy of human
So throw far away from you, this “I”
And if you ask yourself “where is this I”?
Then you will be free of pride for this “I”
And due to the pride I get ruined
Unnecessarily destroyed were the powerful demons
So keep His Name on your mouth
And with his beats and drums
Keep faith and surrender to “MahaMantra”
Then can you be rescued from the worldly limitations
And this is what he left written, left written
And to devotees he intended to explain

And keep on doing your work while obeying fully
But never be proud of your work as it is your duty
You continuously ask for feelings of “devotion” in heart
Unfailingly for you I am Omnipresent, I give my word
And keep your feelings on my feet, on my feet
And analyze my words in your heart

And if you loose this, then you will not get it back
Does one get back, if Candy is lost in Sand
If you get this back you will bring with you also Ant
If Oil falls in the Sand
There is no credibility in sweeping it back
So keep your feelings pure and intact
And in “Feelings - Bhaava” remain immersed and mad
And how to achieve that “Bhaava”
That leads to gain of wealth of “Shri Hari”
Keep on thinking and adhering to that
And with the “Bhaava” you shall be rescued...

Ignorant Mind part 5

Guru, Brahmin and similar persons
Treat as if God in disguise has come
Do not bring crookedness to mind
With their blessings you get fame (Yash), you get fame
And your sins can also be destroyed

Due to eternal and truthful wishes
The Lord himself has bestowed what I have to me
I do not have longings for any celestial powers
It comes within scope of union of blood and bodily fluids
You must know that past-deeds (Sukruta) are very important
The mind was completely determined
Oh, get rid of ignorant mind and take away determined one
Take away the determined one...

And take surrender in those Lotus feet
Oh Naaraayana, forgive any mistakes if I did
I do not know any other thing full of complexity
And only by taking your name I become happy
By your name I will get the Nectar, get the Nectar
Please guide me in this path of truth forever...

And with illusions, you only make me blind
And your illusion is everywhere in the Universe
Hence your name is “The Master of all Illusions”
Your illusion overpowers all the beings
All the rules are only because of your illusion
The feelings and devotions are also by your illusion
I will spread your Name ever, spread your Name ever
Let any amount of sorrow comes to me, whatever...

Oh Lord!, the ocean of mercy
Have a little mercy on me too
Your devotee for you
Becomes mad and wants only you
Always remain immersed with feelings for you
What is Good what is Bad nothing else do I know
Your name should stay ever on my mouth
In Kali (yuga), I became wretched servant of yours
This way of living brings also many sorrows, many sorrows
But I am happy to loose everything for you
Without any fault of mine, they bad-mouth me
Without a single word from me, they keep on scolding
Your “Daasa” tolerates like animals do
This tolerance becomes his weakness and enemy too
I have no one with me in this world
At all I look equal
With that feelings I kept my mind, kept my mind
And collected the wealth of “Hari”
And kept wished for wealth of “Hari”
In “Hari” only lies bravery and supreme authority
And in that authority remains also the feelings
And with feelings I had asked for chance to “Serve”
By doing that “Service” day and night
Shall I dance with joy singing “Hari Hari”
With that name only will I remain happy, will I remain happy
And pass my life near your Sandals...

Let my life stay below his “Paaduka”-Sandals
Naarayan is there to save me
I have no religion and belong to wretched caste
From where can I get valuable knowledge?...

Ignorant Mind part 6

My body has become old and getting immovable
Illness has become its enemy
I do not have power or abilities
My body is becoming very weak
To someone, I ask for water
To someone else, for food I ask
To someone I tell please make me a bed
To some I say please take care of me
To different I ask for different favours
In this way, my days are completing and ending...

I do not watch any wealth or gem
I keep a vigil on Lord's feet
However you try to elude me away, Oh Lord
I will not forget, this is what I took an Oath
Apart from you, no one else do I have
Why you try to elude with wealth and material
In heart, I do not have any other wishes from you apart
Your feet are for me the only assurance, only assurance
Your holy feet are my only assurance...

This only is my request
This much is my only complaint
Let your devotees be at peace and stay contended
Let your Ashram hapiness always
You only are the owner of your Ashram
You look after the fulfillment of all duties
I have no wishes anymore, no wishes anymore
What to tell who snatches those away

Who is taking he only will give it back
Why to run after then
Hey, he is just making examination
And trying to see how strong is his servant
I never had anything, never had anything
And towards the end he gives so much
If you do not put vigil, let your property be lost
But let your name stay in my heart forever
And to look after your wealth do not make my birth
May “looking for you and watching your feet” be my main
And taking your name, I shall be saved, I shall be saved...

[extracted from a spontaneous Bhajan. A direct translation might result in slight loss of information]

2003, Bhajan Mandap, Garoi