Chanting his name reaches him ...

Articles based on excerpts from Baba's words:

On different occasions, Baba often mentions the importance of "Naama" or "chanting holy name". Chanting his (Mahapurusa Achyuta's) Mantra (Kalki Mahamantra) with devotion and faith reaches him. For about a year if its kept regular, you will feel if he is there or not. Baba says:

"We stay in this "Rupa Mandala" or the world of forms. His (Achyuta's) abode is the Shunya Mandala. The connection is the Naama. The Naama travels from this Rupa Mandala to that Shunya Mandala. But concentration, devotion, and steadiness are important. "Kaam jaldi, Naam dhire": The actions that you perform should be fast enough, but while chanting (meditating), do it steady and not in a hurry. It will reach him. He is merciful; if you ask with devotion and concentration through the medium of Yoga and Dhaarana, he will fulfill his devotees needs. Achyuta has said: "No matter from how far you come to me, try to be closer to me through truthfulness and concentration, then I will go to you when you are far away."

This is of course true; energy waves, though invisible, do travel. They can travel farther than we can imagine. Mechanical waves need matter to propagate; electromagnetic waves do not need any; thought waves are not that well-understood by science yet. Even though weak in impact, thought-waves are more dynamic- they assume form, if weak dissipate; if strong they exist for longer. Constant developed thought takes you to a higher dimension. Be watchful of your thought. Wave propagation is real, whatever wave it is: What you talk in Tokyo can reach Washington- all you need is a receiver and an amplifier. Resonance vibrations are even better; his Mantra with devotional thought is dear to him. Being able to merge his his consciousness with the universal consciousness, space and time is no boundary for him. It's so simple to have his mercy; he expects none of your material belongings.