Audio Album of Garoi Ashram

Babaji Buddhia

Kie hasuchhi kie kaanduchhi sabu dekhuthaee chhahin, Luha pochhai bhitare pasi Bhakata bandhu hoi
Kie deuchhi kie neuchhi Buddhia janai naahin ...

Who is smiling who is weeping, He sees everything , And wipes the tears entering heart and becoming Devotees-friend
Who gives and who takes Buddhia doesn't know ...

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Bhajans by Baba Sri Buddhanath Das: Album Release; ; Re-sung in recent years as a 'cover version' by others and released as Albums

  • Album Name: Bhakti Sangita (songs of devotion) - Vol 02 (added: 28-Jun-2018, Snana Poornima)
    Composed by: Baba Buddhanath Das as spontaneous Bhajans, years ago; Form: song
    Voice: Sricharana Mohanty, Asima Panda, Jyoti Mishra, Shruti Mohanty, Omprakash Mohanty; Form: songs. Re-sung as a cover version in recent years
    Theme: Devotion
    Ancillary info CD release year: 2018     Actual years of singing: Vary     Filetype: mpeg
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    Tracks: (mpeg format, individual songs, can be downloaded)
    1. Sehi Naamaku Dhari
      You came with Naama, will go with Naama, Hold on to that Naama

    2. Nishkaamana Bhava Kara re Manua
      Free your Bhaava from desires, nullify the seeds of desire

    3. Karuna Mayi Goo
      Oh Compassionate one, my life is coming to an end without receiving your compassion

    4. Para boli Motee na Bhabibu Kaalia
      Kalia, don't consider me as unknow, I think of you as someone dear and my own

    5. Kete dina paain, Karuchi badaai
      For how long can you show off vanity and false pride?

    6. Bhangibaa paainki mana thila jebe, gadhu thila kahin paiin
      If you intended to break, Why in the first place did you make?

    7. Banshi ree, ete Gaarima tora
      Oo Flute, your significance is so great, when you Sound, dances GopaPura and my Raadhika

    8. Garaba Gachaku Opaadi Dia Hee
      Uproot the tree of false pride, this only creates a lot of havoc

Bhajans by Baba Sri Buddhanath Das: Individual Collections; Re-sung in recent years as a 'cover version' by others

Bhajans by Baba Sri Buddhanath Das: Individual Collections

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  • Title: Abheda Kabacha
    Composed by Shri Achyuta and narrated to his disciple Shri RamDas
    Voice: Subash Das and Trupti Das; Form: commentary, song
    Theme: A hymn to various manifestations of Shri Krishna Jagannath which protects from mishaps; includes a sequence of complete Nyaasa and correspnding various names of Sri Hari; is a secret guarded and regarded by the Gods (demi Gods) and capable of averting all mispahs except of the first and second quadrant
    Ancillary info Filesize: 1.05 Mb     Time: 20 min 51 secs     Filetype: wma     (see Video Album to download as a video file with annotated images)