Audio Album of Garoi Ashram

A rare pic from days of Baba's Sadhana

Buddha Mālika Jaga-Kāliā Basichhi Bhakata Pāin ... Aau Dāru-kātha Thāru Hina Mu Heli, Basei Pārili Nāhin ...
Kie Deuchhi Kie Neuchhi Buddhiā Jānai Nāhin ...

Buddha's Lord Jaga-Kālia is seated for his Devotees, I am inferior even than that wooden-log, couldn't make him sit inside me forever
Who gives and who takes Buddhia doesn't know ...

(video and full song from where lines are extracted)

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Mahapurusha Achyutananda Das and Sweta Bata

Baba Shri Buddhanatha Das

Baba and Shisyas

Tamrapothi, Copper Oracle, and Pundit Amareswar Mishra

Shri Gobardhana Pitha Garoi Ashram premises and the sorrounding

    Theme: Informational videos about Ashram sorroundings      Year: 2004

  • Subdra Daru (the tree of which wooden idol of Maa Subhadra will be made in NabaKalebar):
    wmv, 464 Kb     mpg, 3.94 Mb     23 secs

  • Vrindavati Maa inside Ashram premises
    wmv, 237 Kb     12 secs

  • River bank of Devi and Gobari near Garoi
    wmv, 776 Kb     40 secs

Exclusive interviews

Events related to Garoi Ashram

  • Title: Download a mini-video of Yajna at Maa Biraja Khsetra, Jajpur (Jun 2014) or watch on Youtube
    Organized by Devotees and guided by Shri Achyuta and Baba Buddhanath via Tamrapothi
    Recorded in: June 2014 (multiple unedited mini-clips and photos collated)
    Place: Biraja (Durga) Khsetra, Jajpur, Odisha, India
    Ancillary info Filesize: 117 Mb     Time: 4 min 53 secs     Filetype: mp4

    The video provides a glimpse of the Jajpur Yajna, which was hinted by Mahapurusha Achyutananda Das in his Malika ~550 years ago. This video is a collated copy of multiple mini video clips and photos, between 9-13 June, 2014. The recording quality is at best amateur but we intend to give a feeling of the Yajna atmosphere and an overview of the events. The purpose of this Yajna was to invoke the energy of Mother Biraja (Durga), who is 'ParamBrahma Swaroppini Biswa Janani' (mother of the Universe) for the Yuga Karma.


  • Title: Abheda Kabacha (song with annotated images)
    Composed by Shri Achyuta and narrated to his disciple Shri RamDas
    Voice: Subash Das and Trupti Das; Form: commentary, song
    Theme: A hymn to various manifestations of Shri Krishna Jagannath which protects from mishaps; includes a sequence of complete Nyaasa and correspnding various names of Sri Hari; is a secret guarded and regarded by the Gods (demi Gods) and capable of averting all mispahs except of the first and second quadrant
    Ancillary info Filesize: 71 Mb     Time: 20 min 51 secs     Filetype: wmv