Narration and recitation of sacred scripture

Narration and recitation of scriptures related to PanchaSakhā, Sada Goswāmi, Ram Das and Yoga Sadhana

by Pundit Amareswar Mishra

This page is under construction; please check back in 5 months - Notification date: 30-Dec-2014

On various occasions and events, Pundit Mishra, who operates Tamrapothi, has narrated and recited various sacred scriptures related to Achyuta, Ananta, Jasobanta, Balaram, Jagannath, Arakhita Das, Ram Das (Baba Buddhanath das). These scriptures shed light about their lives and philosophy and a few of them explain the Sadhana performed by these Siddha Yogis, in the form of conversation between Guru and Shishya or in the form spiritual tests. Some of them are quite complex because of their nature of codified language. Pundit Mishra, who was trained by Baba Buddhanath Das himself and several other Yogis, on different occasions explains some of the scriptures from his retentive memory.

In this page, we will collect those recitations and narrations, in the form of video, audio and text and hope that they will be helpful to 'Admirers of Literature' and 'Serious seekers of Yoga Sadhana'.

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