Rare Experiences: It is just that simple, divine, white light !!!

Bhakti Sangita (songs of devotion)

Bada Guniā mo JagāKāliā, aree Shankha Chakra Gadā dhari
Aau PadmaPākhudāru tikie dabati, koti sukhare rahibu tuhi
Teki dui Hātha Dāka Jagannātha, udhāra karibā pāin
Aau jane nāhin, Ke achhi jagate, uddhāra karibā pāin ...

Baba once told: "There is nothing here (sitting below the Swetabata in Garoi): no Magic, Sorcery, Sammohan (hypnotism), Sthambana(to Paralyze), Uchhaataha(driving away), nothing ... If devotees ask with faith, devotion, and righteousness, he gives. There is nothing more here, absolutely nothing. Okay, then what else is there if there are no such things?" After that he sings:

My JagaaKaalia (Lord Jagannath) is the greatest Conjurer holding Conch, Disc, and Mace
And if he gives a bit of his Lotus petal, you will stay in crores of happiness
Raising both hands up call Jagannatha, to save you
There is no one else, who else is there in the Universe, to save ?

(video and full song from where lines are extracted; click on image for a larger one)

If one seriously wants to see the effect, realize the greatness of the Siddhas, feel the omnipresence of Sadgurus, then one ought to be like the mystical Chātak bird, which is a rare example of conviction, trust, and single-mindedness. This amazing bird refuses all other waters, except for rain water that only drops during the fifteenth day lunar cycle in the Autumn. Only for this water, Chātak bird will allow no other water to enter the mouth, regardless of the source. It has set its heart on the one. Because of its faith in those clouds, regardless of circumstance, when the time is appropriate, it showers for this blessed bird. It is its firm faith that brings about the downpour ...

'Bisvaasa re Usvaasa, Abisvaase sarbanaasha'
'Belief gives relief, disbelief leads to downfall'.

Individual experiences:

This page is dedicated to the words of the believers and followers. The relation between the eternal Devotees and the God is a sacred relation, beyond the limits of time and space. The way the eternal devotees long for their Guru and God, the same way the Masters and the God also stay attached to the devotees. Many eras roll away, but the feelings do stay. Sometimes they get dormant but the Masters search and find their devotees crossing all the worldly limitations and eventually revive the inner-self. When an eternal devotee is unable, due to the circumstances, to meet their Masters, the Masters come to them in any and many form. You might forget the Master, but he will not, he will never, for Devotees are his life. Like a calf follows the mother-cow for milk, the God and Masters also follow and keep a vigil on their children. In return they need nothing except the milk-like-feelings. For the eternal devotees, they know no limitations, and are beyond space, time, gender, caste, country, wealth, and occupation. Such is the greatness of the SadGurus.

No power in the Universe can stop them, prohibit them, once they pick up the thought to be a savior and assurance to their devotees. The laws of nature, that we perceive, is very limited. The realized Masters are not limited to these so-called laws. The spiritual laws offer much more than the physical laws. At times, the manifestation of the spiritual laws appear as a miracle to our limited eyes and experience. Miracles and occult powers are a hindrance in the spiritual realization for the mundane people, but for the Masters it is just another act of kindness. Sometimes they do not hesitate to exercise some of these great powers, even though rarely, if the situation really demands that; be it to save a devotee from an otherwise lost case or be it to revive the faith and devotion that a devotee might have lost without the act. Even though rare, there has been many instances where such manifestation of the divine-power has been instrumented by Baba Shri Buddhanath Das. When asked afterwards about how was that, he modestly admits that at the instructions of his God and Guru he sometimes becomes instrumental in doing that. Its only a divine white light which acts and there is nothing complicated working in it. It is just that simple, divine, white light !!!

This is an invitation to the devotees to pour some of their words about their experiences or simply their feelings about Babaji. Words cannot substitute his greatness, but why not put some effort that can be stored and passed on. If you have some words, please send an Email/Letter (see the contact page).

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