Who answers in the Pothi (Oracle)?

Experience-based contributory articles:

Vāmphire Jesanee Jala Purithāi Gāra Kātile ki Chiddi,
Yuga Yugāntare Tini Trailokyare Guru-Shishya Sehipari,
Kehu Ate Guru Kehu Ate Shishya Tahin Na Thāi Vārana,
Bhakta Bhagawāna Eka Anga Jāna Ekānta Thābe Bhojana,
Ee Beni Prakāre Je Kare Vichāra See Prāni Huanti Nāsa,
Bhane Bhimabhoi Sātasha Padare Abhaya Panjare Vāsa ...

As one cannot separate the water of a pond by drawing a line,
Similarly Guru and Shishya are inseparable, in all the ages and in the three worlds,
There is an unity between them and no one can make a discretion,
Both the Bhakta and Bhagawaan are one limb, and they share meals together,
One who differentiates will have a downfall,
Thus speaks Bhimabhoi in 700 stanzas surrendering to the fearlessness assurance.

(extracts from Stutichintamani, by Bhakta Kabi Bhima Bhoi)

There was an element of doubt, in my mind, as to who answers in the Pothi. The answers come with a preface, I Achyuta speaking, and at the end with an end-note, poor Achyuta now takes surrender. The words tell, that it is Mahapurusa Achyutanada, or at least some of his instrumentality. Then how Baba also knows what answers come there. Many times, he instead of giving some answers instructs to go to Pothi and later he tells, did "this" answers come out?

... I had forgotten the fact that Guru and Shishya are not different, they are the same. A realized Guru and a realized Shishya are one. There is no difference, even if it might appear like. It doesn't matter, its Achyuta speaking there, or Buddhanatha, the source is the same: from the Shri Guru residing in the MahaShunya. And of course, Baba Shri Buddhanath Das is the beloved Shishya of Shri Achyuta.

Knowing this element of confusion, and with the intention to make me realize the fact practically, Baba once told me in already late evening: "Son, please go to the Pothi and ask a question for me. I need the answers". I was a bit surprised, why the TriKaalaDarshi wants answer from the Pothi, but I didn't realize the sport then. Well, its a command from my Guru, so I went there and reached late in the night. Bhaina (Pundit Amareswar Mishra) was a bit surprised seeing me that late. Normally, after sunset, the Pothi and Pundit, they both take rest. But after mentioning that Baba has send me for some urgent purpose, he allowed to hold this question-answer session in the Pothi.

Nothing came in the Pothi, after trying several times. Bhaina was also surprised and inquired in detail what happened exactly. When I narrated the incident, he partly understood the game and started smiling telling "Ya, Buddhaa (Old man with respect) is playing with you. OK, as he has sent I will use the last method which he has given for such occasions". He meant applying a Mantra, which hits Baba directly and forces to deliver the answers, in case when it doesn't work in a normal way. This is only for urgent cases. Applying the mantra creates a bit of uncomfort for Baba also, but he wanted to make his disciple realize the fact. After applying this, the answers came and happily I collected them and went to Baba to tell that I have done the job. After long driving I reached almost in the morning at Badambadi. Baba seemed as if, he was waiting for me, he was moving around on the roof. Seeing me he asked, "Did you get the answers. Did "this" come out? ". I was again thinking, "he knew, why he made me drive so far and do this much hectic work?". Then he asked again "Who answers in the Pothi? Do you know now?" Only at that point did I fully realize, why he had sent me with so much pain. It was a sport. Telling on face is sometimes not helpful as to showing practically, and that's what he exactly did !!!

2004, Gania, Cuttack