Machines stop to work, Cameras did not function!

Experience-based contributory articles:

11th January, 1994 - Trip to Garoi ... (and ten years later ... at the end)
In the night of 10th, I went to Mausa's home from the hostel where I was staying at that time during my college days. The 11th was the electorial day in the college, but somehow I preferred to go to the Ashram at Garoi, which was planned on 11th morning. The day was a special one, as it was the birthday of Baba on the Bakul Amaavaasyaa. We went to sleep at 1am and got up at 5am and started our journey to Garoi. This was my second journey and I didn't have enough experience before. So it was devoid of any fixed idea or prejudice. We had a loaded camera and tape recorder for any worthy incidents. At about noon we reached there (10:30 - 11:30). When we reached, the man of our destiny, Buddhia Baba, was taking bath. Turmeric paste was pasted all over his body. It was instructed by the Pothi that Baba will be wearing flowers on that day- flower garlands, flower crowns as the ritual was called Phoola Besa (flower form). It was due to be held at 3 pm but got late till evening.

...After seeing Baba, a naughty thought came to take immediate snaps and I tried to do so without even asking once (I was too young, 19 years old, to show a rational behavior !). Kalu was my partner that time, even more naughty and mischievous. So he also morally supported me the whole time and shared the thoughts. A lady, whom I do not remember anymore, told, "Hey Son, dont take pictures without permission, It will also not come anyway". I started to laugh inside at the seemingly naive comment, it will not come; what she was talking about !. Baba also heard the lady and realized my intention and commented to the lady, "Why you are lying to the child ?". Then he turned towards me and told: "It will come, why not, but, we will take pictures later when I will be looking better. This time is not suitable, So wait, we will take later". I felt the happiness of small victory that the lady is wrong, and of course the photos will come, only problem was why later ?, Anyway, it does not matter, be it so ... Little did I realize that time that the lady was right, and I was wrong. Baba also told: "Haan mu uthibi (photore), pare uthaaiba, bhul heu ki thik heu, mu chauraanabere uthibi" [Yes, I will rise up/captured in photo, later shall we shoot picture, Be it right or wrong I will get up in 94]. It had a different meaning too ! He meant that 1994 was his time to reveal himself partly and mix with the devotees. He was living an anonymous life before that, only few people knew him.

The whole day just passed by, taking Prasaad (meal at temple), moving around in Siali Lata or near Bata tree, and so on. Also, we saw a rare bird at the top of the temple; elderly people told/boasted its a Garuda Pakhshi. It looked though different, I didn't see a Garuda bird before, so I didn't have the experience to compare or identify, but the bird was a bit strange-looking. The atmosphere and weather was good and the time passed by. Mausa was moving here and there busy, the whole day. At about 4 pm, I was allowed to take one snap after getting an informal permission. At that time I didn't know that I was made a fool of, that nothing came later in the photo, when developed later. Anyway, that was not all ..., it was only a small part of the game. More was coming soon ...

We waited a long time for the Phoola Vesa. In evening about 8:30 we saw Baba, he looked a bit different and more serious, anyway what it has to do with me; my job was to take a lot of photos - relaxed or serious hardly mattered. But he was looking more and more serious and intense, as if overpowered by someone else. As per Taamrapothi that I heard later, Shri Achyuta had sheltered in him for a short time that evening. These were anyway too hard for me to comprehend- I suppose for any normal person, it is. After a good amount of time, he slowly got relaxed again, though still looking a bit abnormal. Then he went on to the temporary stanza, where some singers had gathered, including Bhikaari Bala and Shaantilataa Barik. There Baba sang a Bhajan and came back.

After sometime, Baba took the new chair (Aasana) inside the Ashram premises. Mausa had called me and Tapu to be there in PhoolaVesa and we came. After being instructed by Mausa, I started to take photos immediately without delay. As if I must win this challenge, the Buddhaa (old man) is playing the whole day and not allowing me to take pictures, I must do it now and I must win this challenge. Then I took a snap face-to-face. Seeing this, also two other cameras rose from the group there. Suddenly, Baba woke-up and told: "Kana, photo neijiba, nela dekhibaa kemiti neba, kie neba dekhibaa?" [What, you will take photos, take we will see how you can take, who can take ?]. Baba was wearing a red dress that day. After the words, me, and two others were ready to take photos. We made the flash on, and got ready to shoot. Then we pressed the button --- Oh No, to everyone's astonishment it was impossible to push the little buttons of the cameras at all. The small buttons looked like they have become immovable. All three were stopped together. Mausa took the camera from me, with a hope that I was wrong, and he might be successful. But, ha ha, he too failed, it was not only the previous three. Then Baba broke the silence: "Kana waakil, buddhi kaama karuni. Kali yugara tinitaa machine maada khaaigala. He he, mu uthibini, ichhaanahele uthibini, ana mo machine". [What lawyer ?, your intelligence is also not working ! Three machines of this kaliyuga failed. Ha ha, I will not be captured in your camera, if I don't get the wish, I will not. Bring my machine]. Someone in the crowd, gave him a camera and he started sporting with that and making snaps at random. Again he told: "Achaa, ethara uthaa, mu uthibi" [Ok, you can take now, I will be shot now with your camera]. Now the cameras were functioning. The three cameras were in action. We took some snaps. And suddenly, he repeated the process again. In total , the cameras were blocked three times. Everytime, he used to move his finger from a distance the cameras stopped and then at his words or will it started functioning again. At the end he told: "Pila duitaa sakaalathuu kahuchanti, aame photo uthaaibu, uthaa" [The two children are telling since morning to take pictures, OK you take]. The whole sport was a real- baffling situation for all of us, though we were only few there to witness the event. It is very rare that Baba shows anything at all of such mysticism, but we were a lucky few present there to witness something like this in this era of modern machines.

After this, he was decorated with flowers approximately 50 kg in weight. He was still looking serious. It was too late, 11 pm. Me, Papu along with Mausa stayed there & we took partial rest in the car only as there was no other possibility there, no big buildings or commercial accomodation. As per Pothi, Shri Achyuta was to come in the form of a small boy, dark colored. He should be offered tiffin as he would deny a meal. We saw a small black boy- as per him he was from a distant village about 10-12 km away. Frankly speaking, I don't trust fully what was told, but anyway it is very hard to comprehend these abstract things. But the incident with camera was real and it really happened to me, so there is no point to deny. It would be too illogical to deny that for me, as it is too illogical to accept this without experiencing. After all this, I too retired inside the car. In morning Mausa woke us up and we got up hearing the sounds of the temple-bells with a fresh and cool atmosphere. The five disciples went carrying a big wooden box with the garlands and put it inside the nearby river (Bisarjan). It indicated that Baba got some new dimensions in that whole process shedding off some of the previous humanly attributes.

I was still fascinated with the incident and was looking for Baba. He had bathed himself and was entering the temple. Suddenly he looked up at the flags at the temple-top and was not happy to see that it was not flying freely. It had got stuck rounded around the support. He suddenly raised his right arm up with one finger open and moved his arm in a circle three times. Each time, I did notice, the flag was opening one fold, and after three times he just waved his hands and the flag started to blow with the wind. Then Baba entered inside the temple. This event was not witnessed by anyone else, I was just coincidently there to observe this from a distance, though secretly. It was too early in the morning and nobody was nearby.

~17th (or 15th) January, 2003 - Trip to Garoi ...
It was a day of Makar Sankraanti, and me, mausa and one cousin had been to the Ashram for a short time. It was a calm day and there were not many people. After sometime, before returning, I just put again the question, through Mausa, about the blocking of the cameras. Baba looked straight and replied: "you are working on science for so long, but in ten years of time you could not understand this how the camera stopped. See, I am not God, I have a Boss, only one Boss who is above me. Sometimes, I do such things (so called mystic things), but at his will only. When he tells, I do (he pointed his finger up once and then to his own solar plexus) There is nothing great in it, when he wants the white light comes and falls on a place to do whatever is required. What cameras?, this light will not allow the staying (functioning) of any machine. But you (he pointed at me), do what you are doing and as you want, but don't touch my main-switch (making a bit of joke laughingly)." The answer was so modest yet so powerfully charged.

Baba respects the Science and Technology, but does not like the pride due to this. He once told: "The KaliYuga machines are not fascinating for me, my machine is a bit different. Raavana, in Tretaya had achieved almost everything, if not all, what you people have made today. Raavana had done so with his Buddhi (intelligence) but got destroyed due to his pride and "I-ness" (muun). But I do not need intelligence, I need Gyaana (knowledge). I ask God for pure devotion and for supreme knowledge".

Aug-2004, Toka, Puri