Photo Album of Garoi Ashramm

Saburi mana, saburi daana, saburi prema paain, Taanka chadda aau jane ke nahin dukha pochhi deba paain
Kie deuchhi kie neuchhi Buddhia janai naahin ...

He is for all, everyone's mind, belief, and love, there is no one else to completely wipe the sadness and pain
Who gives and who takes Buddhia doesn't know ...

(video and full song from where lines are extracted)

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Temple from outside

Same as previous pic

Front view of the Temple

Dharma Bata

Trishakti temple from outside

One of the temple entrances

South Entrance

Temple Prasad store

Writings on the wall

Dharma Bata, another view

Dharma bata, another view

Siali Lata

Naba Gujjari by Sri Achyuta

Staircase to Dharma Bata

Trishakti temple

Baba at Garoi

Baba and Mata together

Buddha baba in Ashram

Baba and Mata at Garoi

Baba near Temple

Baba near Omkar

Baba in Badambadi

Baba Artatrana Das

Arta Baba in Konark Ashram

Baba Shri Buddhanatha Das

Tamrapothi at Kakatpur

Pt. Mishra reading Tamrapothi

Mata, Garoi (Mar,2005)

Baba at Garoi Ashram

Baba's Chatra (umbrella)

Garoi Temple (flag being changed)

Garoi Temple (view from ~2km distance)

Garoi Temple (view from outside)

Mahalaxmi temple inside Garoi Temple premises

Garoi Temple (Outside View: Half-to-top)

Garuda Stambha in front of The Temple at Garoi

The deities at Temple

Sweta batabrikhsa (Feb, 1995)

Sweta batabrikhsa (Feb, 1995)

Sweta batabrikhsa (Jan, 1994)

Mahapurusha Achyutanada at Garoi Swetabata

Mahapurusha Achyutanada

Mahapurusha Achyutanada

Shiali lata

Shiali lata

Achyutanada Pahada Ashram

Subhadra Daaru

Baba on a function day

Mahadev Temple (close view)

Trishakti Temple at Garoi (Outside View)

Mahalaxmi temple

Dharma bata

Garoi Ashram

Gundicha temple ~ 2km from Garoi

Gundicha temple

Gundicha temple

Stambha at Gundicha temple

Bhushanda kaka

Gundicha Temple

Gundicha Temple

As the time for Dharma reestablishment has approached, the YugaKarma of Shri Achyuta has started, this is the place where Baba re-iterated, in January 2005, the words of Lord Shri Krusna and he means it very seriously:

Baba near DharmaBata

Jadā Jadā Hi Dharmasya Glānir Bhavati Bhāratam
Adbhuthānam Adharmasya Tadātmānam cha Srujāmyaham
Paritrāaya Sādhunaam, Vināshaaya cha Duskritām
Dharama Sansthāpanārthaaya, Sambhavāmi Yuge Yuge

O Bhaarata! Whenever righteousness declines and evil becomes dominating
Then for removing the unrighteousness and destructing the evil-doers
For saving the noble and firmly establishing righteousness
I manifest from era to era.