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Bhakta Vaschala Bhagawana - Lord - The Adorer of the Devotees

A recollection of Baba’s action and words on a specific ocassion, how he saved a dear devotee from an imminent fatal event. The text is given in Odia, followed by an English transleration at the end. (Please note that interpreting from native to another language may result in slight loss of information).

Contributed by:
Prasanna Kumar Nayak
Khapuria, Old Jagannath Rd
MadhuPatana, Cuttack
Odisha, India

Shri Prasanna Kumar Nayak
Pita Mata Seva

All glory to Baba Buddhanath. How Prasanna Kumar Nayak can describe those priceless experience for they are beyond words and each and every moment of the time spent with Baba is a unique and fulfilling experience. However, from all those myriad of experiences, I will try to put some words about one incident. Truly speaking, "His qualities are identical to the devotee-loving God and he is a saviour of the devotees, knower of the past, the present and the future, a true Guide and a loving human ".

It was 13th June, 2001; Baba was at Badam Badi, Cuttack. A day before, I had purchased a new car and had this desire that somehow Baba also seats in the car for a while (in the sense of inagurating). Then I would be going to Balasore on a trip. My brother-in-law had invited me and my wife to visit him and we were planning to do so. But I had mentioned to him that after Baba sees the new car, I would start the trip.

It was early in the morning around 7am and I arrived in Badam Badi where Baba was staying. After showing due respect, I requested him to fulfil my wish by stepping in the car for a while. I also said that it would make me very happy and I will start off driving to Balasore thenafter. He, instead of giving an answer, told, "Son, sit over there" (pointed at a place). Okay ... obeying his instructions, I did that. He was talking to other people on different subjects and an hour passed by. So, I reminded him again but he repeated again in a stern voice: "I told you to sit there". I kept my mouth shut and and continued to be seated there. Thus ... 3 hours passed by. I lost my patience and go worried because of the long drive and reminded him again. All of a sudden he seemed like getting upset and said in a loud voice: "Go if you have to go, but being a father (Baba refers to a fatherly figure) I cannot carry the corpse of a Son." Hearing such harsh words made me cry out of emotion as I did not understand; it was not something usual.I held his feet and started crying and Baba also started to weep in human emotion. Then he held me and said: "While the father is still there and a harm is caused to the Son, what's the worth of having the father." Then he continued: "I have not called you all to come to me, why have you come? If you are already here, and while I am still present and you come to me and after that something terrible happens, then what implications will it have. Trust will be lost and people will loose faith." After that he gave me a sweet, perhaps as a gesture of affection and/or with his blessings. Meanwhile, before I could fully comprehend what was going on, my driver came over and said that the oil-pipe in the car (a brand new car) has bursted and cannot drive now (needs replacement). Meanwhile, another hour passed and coincidentally Pundit Amareswar Mishra also arrived there with the TamraPothi (copper oracle) of Shri Achyutananda. Baba had become normal then and lovingly said, "Son, ask in the Pothi about this incident". I am aware that Baba also knows the answer, same as his Guru's Pothi, but obeying instructions, I put the question to Shri Achyuta via his Oracle. Then Shri Achyuta (Baba's Guru) replied: "If you would have been on this trip, on the Mahanadi Bridge, you would have met with a terrible accident. Dāsa (one who serves; referring to Baba) first held and delayed you, when you still were in a rush he caused the malfunction in your vehicle, and even after that when you wanted to go, he replied you in bold words." I was taken aback and thinking of the whole incident. Suddenly Baba asked, "Hey you, so what are you thinking again". He then continued, "When I stop you from doing something, please do not become stubborn and continue to do it.". I again wept a lot and so did he. [off-note: ...why then the Sadgurus just do not tell directly about such dangers, same for Pothi as well ... because, there is a law of Karma governing the beings. Sadgurus will either give hints or brief but stern intstructions and only occasionally may reveal fully. The hint, when followed, becomes part of your Karma and you yourself avert the mishap. Disclosing everything in its entirety may upset the cosmic law for at the end it is your Karmaphala. So obeying the direct instructions of a Sadguru is helpful ... but be sure first that it is coming from a Sad Guru]. It was about 3pm that time. I received a phone call from another friend of mine who informed me about a road accident on the Mahanadi Bridge and mentioned that there is a heavy traffic jam as well. I got another shock and was immobilized for a while. And the thoughts came to my mind: "You indeed are a knower of hearts and time, my revered Baba". Here I remeber a few of your words:

Separate from me never, oh Lord of my heart
No mantra I know for company of yours
Devotees have bound you just by devotion
Please do not make me ever an outsider.

Endless are his sports and limitless is his love for the devotees. My obligations at the feet of The Master. All glory to Baba Buddhanath Das.

10-Feb-2015, Prasanna, Cuttack