Shri Jagannath Temle, Garoi
You won't find God by pretention or cunningness
Yogi's Asana is the ground of Brahma Cremation
Beings have come and beings will go
Friends or foes is not in my concern
My joy is in the happiness of His devotees
The way you can deceive humans You cannot deceive God
A bird flies with both its wings
No matter what the color of the cow is


To collect, document and facilitate information about the heritage, culture, places and literature of saints Panchasakha, Buddhanatha Das and Arakhita Das, Oracles of Achyutananda Das and Gobardhana Pitha Garoi Ashram.  [Disclaimer]

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9-May 2016 Akhsaya Tritiya 5 May 2016, Akhshaya Tritiya and begin of 21-day Chandan Yatra
10-Jan 2016 Baba's Birth Day 10-Jan 2016 Baba's Buddhanath Jayanti
17-Jul NabaKalebara, 18-Jul 2015 Rath Yatra 17-Jul NabaKalebara, 18-Jul 2015 Rath Yatra
21-Apr-2015 Akhshya Tritiya, Chandan Yatra 21 Apr 2015, Akhshaya Tritiya and begin of 21-day Chandan Yatra
10-Mar-2015 Pancha Dola Celebration 10 Mar 2015, Pancha Dola
5-Mar-2015 Dola Purnima; 6-Mar-2015 Holi Holi Greetings
17-Feb-2015 Maha Shiva Ratri Maha Shiva Ratri Greetings
30-Jan-2015 Birth anniversary of Sri Achyuta Magha Shukla Ekadas, Birth Anniversary of Shri Achyuta
14-15 Jan-2015 Makar Sankranti, Mahā Dipa Makar Sankranti Maha Dipa

Yuga Karma Highlights (as per Mālika and instructions from TāmraPothi)
Sadhu Savdhan (pious souls, stay alert)

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