Jobra Ghat Yajna near Tattva Bata (as written in Mālikā ~550 years before)

Debriefing of selected events related Garoi Ashram and Shri Achyuta Yuga Karma:

Nemāla Yagna at Padma Vana Samadhi Pitha of Shri Achyuta, 28-Apr-2015 to 4-May-2015,   Selected LIVE WebCast

ମହାପୁରୁଷ ଅଚ୍ୟୁତାନନ୍ଦ ଦାସଂକ ପଦ୍ମ ବନ ନେମାଳ ପୀଠ ରେ ଯଜ୍ଞ, ତା ୨୮ ଅପ୍ରିଲ୍ ରୁ ତା ୪ ମେ, ୨୦୧୫

ବୃଷ ଶୂନ୍ୟ ମେଷ ବାଣ ଯେକାଳେ ଯୋଗ ହେବ, ପଦ୍ମବନ ପୁର୍ବଦିଗେ ଯାଗ ଯେ ହୋଇବ
The Yajna was pre-scheduled by Mahapurusha himself ~550 years ago and he had hinted about its time in PadmaKalpa.
ବୃଷ (tauras) = 2; ଶୂନ୍ୟ (shunya) = 0; ମେଷ (ram/sheep) = 1; ବାଣ (Vaan) = 5. When these four (2, 0, 1, 5) will meet, Yajna will be performed to the East of Padma Vana.

Dear Friends: In a Pothi about Yajna activities, kept at Nemala, Mahapurusha Achyutananda had mentioned to his prime disciple Rām Das (previous birth of Baba Buddhanath Das):
"Rāma, towards the end of Kali Yuga, at the eastern entrance of my Samādhi Pitha (tomb), you will arrange a Viswa Kalyan Maha Yajna".

That time has arrived now. This Yajna is being held at the instructions of Baba Buddhanath Das through Oracle and Swapnadesh, with the blessings of the guardian Deities at Nemala. This sport is of Guru (Sada Guru, Pancha Sakha) and Shishya (Baba Buddhanath Das), and the Yajna will be performed by Pundit Amareswar Mishra with generous support and help from the presiding Mahanta and people at Nemāla. The Pitha being native to Shri Achyuta, is the living place for many Bhaktas (devotees) of Achyuta without whose help and active support, this Yajna cannot be held seamlessly. Thank you to all of them for their help.

After obtaining legitimate permission, we hereby furnish a brief detail about this Yuga Karma.
Details / Schedule
This is one of the Yajnas mentioned by Shri Achyuta himself, about 600 years ago, as a part of the Yuga Karma. After this only a few more Yajnas are left as described in Mālika.

Offering oblations to Sada Guru of Baba Buddhanath Das (Achyuta, Ananta, Jasovanta, Balarama, Jagannath, Arakhita) and receive their blessings • With the blessings of Sada Guru, invoke their Ishta Devata Radha Krishna • Viswa Kalyan (welfare of the World) • and invoke the energy of the 10th Mahavatara of Shri Vishnu.

  • 28-Apr-2015 : Adhibāsam (and Ankurotpanam), Jala Yatra, Agni Samsthāpanā
  • 29-Apr to 4 May, 2015:
      Tulasi Abhisheka (4000 by 6 people: Benu, Raju, Tita, Ganeswar, Kanhu, Biranchi babu)
      Offering of these Tulasi on a special Yantra being made (details to be kept confidential)
      Brahma Ekakhyari Mantra Japa (without outloud pronunciation)
      Ashta Dasākhyari Mantra Japa (with outloud pronunciation)
      Ghrita Yajna
      Prasada Sevana ebam Vitarana (for 5000-6000 people)
  • 4-May-2015 : Puranhuti (concluding oblations to fire and completion)

Invitation (in Odia) elaborating on the text given above (click for a larger image

Mention of Yajna at Nemala PadmaVana of Shri Achyuta

Reference of Yajna ~500 years ago (PadmaKalpa)

Invitation to attend Yajna at Nemala PadmaVana of Shri Achyuta

Invitation in Odia

Invitation to attend Yajna at Nemala PadmaVana of Shri Achyuta

Purpose and details of Yajna Karma

Invitation to attend Yajna at Nemala PadmaVana of Shri Achyuta

Speakers: Rama Charan Das jee Maharaj (NebalaDas Matha, Puri), Pundit Amreswar Mishra

PadmaVana Nemala Achyuta Gādi (see photos below)

This Yajna is funded by part contribution from active followers, as determined by Shri Achyuta through his Pothi (copper oracle) and part by Bhikhshya (alm) from other devotees. If you want to contribute, please make sure your contribution reaches us before the 26-Apr-2015. You may send a demand draft (details provided below) or personally handover to one of the disciples (you will receive a receipt) of your payment. The amount is unimportant as HE only is the giver, your intention of support is what matters. Please do not send any contributions for this Yajna, reaching us after this date, as that amount cannot be used for other purposes. If you really wanted to contribute but missed the dates or we failed to inform in advance, it's okay; you can still contribute in the last few remaining ones in the coming years.

Demand Draft drawn in favour of:      Shri Jagannath Sansad, Ac No.: 510610110004236, Bank of India, Ranihat Branch, Cuttack, Orissa, India
Send by postal mail to:      Mr. Ganeswar Rath (Advocate), Baimundi Marg, Dagarpada, Cuttack-753002, Orissa, India

We will do our best to capture some moments of this coming event in still and motion pictures, for those who despite willingness won't be able to witness this.

Some pics of the venue of Nemala Yajna Sthala

Nemala PadmaVana Shri Achyuta Pitha

Nemala PadmaVana Shri Achyuta Pitha

Nemala PadmaVana Shri Achyuta

Nemala PadmaVana Shri Achyuta

Nemala PadmaVana Shri Achyuta

Nemala PadmaVana Shri Achyuta