Jobra Ghat Yajna near Tattva Bata (as written in Mālikā ~550 years before)

Debriefing of selected events related Garoi Ashram and Shri Achyuta Yuga Karma:

Khandagiri Yajna, May-2012

Sri Achyuti Vani Patharara Gaara, Parbate Phutiba Kain,
Purba Surya Aba Paschimaku Jiba, Mo Vachana Satya Ehi

Sri Achyuta's words are carvings on stone, Waterlily even may grow on hilltop,
or the Sun may rise in the West, My words always will hold true and tough

Dear Friends:
The Malika described Khandagiri Yagna of Shri Achyuta was completed in May 2012, performed as per the instructions of Shri Achyuta and Baba Buddhanath Das, via the TaamraPothi.

Background: The presiding deity of Maa Barabhuja was established a couple of thousands years ago (before the Jain reign). During the course of time, the proper rites and rituals were somewhat lost (or modified) resulting in an improper offering and the Devi was not receiving the offerings. Therefore, the immense potential of The Mother was in a dormant state and she was not active enough to help and guide in the Yuga Karma. As per Sri Achyuta's instruction, two Yantra's were made of Bhairava and Bhairavi - the keeper of time and doer. Baba, before leaving his mortal body had kept two idols of Sri Krishna and Sri Radharani with one of his people (these two idols were given to Baba by a saint from Haridwar). Baba through pothi instructed that these two idols of Sri Krishna and Sri Radha be placed on the two Yantras (Bhairava and Bhairavi) and they (Radha Krishna) become Bharaiv and Bharavi and were the Yagnakarta and Yagnakarti. After the Yagna, Maa Barabhuja Durga returned to an active state from a dormant state and henceforth the daily rituals are also performed applying mantras given by Sri Achyuta via pothi.

Please check the photogallery at the bottom of this page for a fuller coverage.

Seen in this photo (click for a larger one) are the disciples of Baba:
Thr first names of these gentlemen, from left to right, are: Banambar, Benu, Raju, Tita, Ganeswar, Kanhu

Objective: The divine energy, when involved in Yugakarma to establish Dharma and Satya, also follow some principles - it does not have to but for "Maryada", it does. This yagna was intended to bring the Goddess to an active state who will help in various ways in for the yugakrma, in the coming years.

06/52: inner sanctuary of Yagna

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